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If you suffer from any of these :   

IBS * Bloating * Digestive Problems* Migraine* Headaches*

Joint   Pain*  Fatigue* Low Mood* Abdominal Pain

You could have a Food Intolerance

45% of the population suffer from food intolerance which, whilst not life threatening can cause many different symptoms . These symptoms can be enough to affect the quality of your life. By taking a simple food intolerance test  and, if necessary , making some changes to your diet  your symptoms could be considerably reduced  .

Do you find it hard to lose weight ?

You could be eating foods that you are intolerant to therefore slowing down your metabolic rate and preventing you leading a healthy and energetic life. Find out if you have a food intolerance by taking a simple test.

The simple finger prick blood test analyses food specific antibodies that indicate a potential sensitivity to that particular food . Samples are analysed by Lorisian , a company that offers the most scientific approach available on the market.

Tests available :

Lorisian Gold –  Food Intolerance test : Analyses IgG antibody reactions to over 200 food products.

Allergy Check – This test will check 23 Food Allergens and 19 Environmental Allergens  – includes milk,eggs,fish,soy,peanuts,fruit ,dust , pollen from different trees/plants and cat/dog/horse dander.

Essential Health Check – 19 different health markers to give you an accurate  picture of your all round health – includes Cholesterol, Vit B12 , Iron, Vitamin D and Liver Function.

All tests includes expert analyses from our fully credited laboratory,clear explanatory results letter, personalised  colour coded results sheet,guidebook, and support and advice from your practitioner.

Please contact Kathryn for further details.