Shropshire Colonics

Colonic Irrigation



After a fantastic treatment Kathryn advised me on how to look after my poorly gut and took time to explain the importance of goods gut health. I cannot recommend this treatment enough. Thank you! I feel so well and vibrant now.


Still can’t thank you enough for helping me. When I thought all else had failed and I was out of options for help with my IBS, I found you! Thank you again.

H.M – Shropshire

I have been going to Kathryn for a number of years now to keep on top of my colon health. My dignity is always maintained with Kathryn talking me through the procedure so that I feel totally relaxed. I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers with bloating or sluggish bowel as it helps me no end.

C.F – Shropshire.

Finally tried this treatment after many years of thinking about it and so glad I did. Kathryn is highly skilled and I was put at ease straight away. I will definitely be back for regular sessions as I felt great afterwards.

Julie S – Telford

Been on/off making this decision for about 2 yrs but finally booked for my first colonic. Never have I felt so good after this treatment. After suffering for years with a slow-moving bowel I now feel fresh, My abdomen has gone from feeling hard and swollen to being soft and comfortable after just one session. I know I have a way to go to feel 100% but with Kathryn’s advice and knowledge I know this was the best decision. Can’t wait to go back.

Millie C – Shropshire

After much thought I booked in with Kathryn a few weeks ago for my first treatment. I was quite nervous to begin with but I soon relaxed as Kathryn talked me through everything. I knew exactly what was about to happen from start to finish and my dignity was maintained throughout. I already feel so much better in myself and will certainly return for follow up sessions.

Lydia L – Shropshire

If I could give this treatment with Kathryn more than 5 stars I would. I feel great. Thank you – you really put me at my ease and I felt quite comfortable throughout.

Emily R – Shrewsbury